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Body + Soul Online Workout Program

I’ve tried it all. I’ve quit it all. For me, chasing the body I desired was like trying to catch a unicorn. I cried looking in the mirror, in the parking lot of the gym, at night in bed, and first thing in the morning. I’ve broken down in dressing rooms and arrived late after 27 outfit changes. I was all-or-nothing. I would restrict myself and eat perfectly, be perfect, for weeks. Heck, I saw the results, the changes in my body I’d been after, in those perfect weeks. You’d think that would have been enough. But, no, weeks later I’d fall off the wagon—again. I would eat entire baskets of bread, boxes of cereal, and king-size bags of candy.

At a complete loss for what to do, I immersed myself in courses, books, and seminars to teach myself about the balance of exercising and eating healthily and clean. Eventually I started to feel better, and I fell off the wagon less, but those old all-or-nothing habits were still alive and well. I just replaced crackers, wine and pizza with triple servings of oatmeal, granola and peanut butter. What was I trying to numb with all the eating?

welcome to the cycle

It’s the cycle of self-sabotage. Some of us choose harmful habits over and over again that give us temporary pleasure or make us feel numb. Some of us do things that cause pain in order to punish ourselves for what we don’t deserve and what we are not capable of. We binge, we purge, we eat nothing at all. We over exercise or don’t ever get off the couch. We talk down to ourselves, abuse ourselves, and keep up the charade of what we don’t deserve. At some point in our past, we established these limiting beliefs and we’ve continued with the bad habits that stem from them. It’s a sick cycle that slyly holds us back from confronting the root of the real problem.

It’s time to stop the cycle.

I’ve been there and it was a hard-won lesson, but there is no quick fix or diet program that gets you comfortable and happy in your body. It’s time to hit the RESET button. It’s time to forgive yourself and start learning what it’s like to love yourself and your body. You’re here and you’re ready to take the first step on the journey from your body to soul.

That’s why I developed the Body + Soul program—to show you that making this change is a way of being. I’m giving you all the tools you need to create a solid foundation, a happy mind, and a strong, sexy body—from the inside out. When you become a member of the Body + Soul Tribe, a private community of soul sisters on the same journey as you, you’ll receive all the tools you need in my Body + Soul Tool Kit.

So welcome, girlfriend. What are you waiting for?

It’s time to join this private community of SOUL sisters on the same journey you are. We’re here to support, motivate, inspire, and love each other.

You will receive $100 for each member you refer, and each month the SOUL SISTER of the month wins a free monthly membership (rules apply).

Body + Soul Program Includes

+ 3 full-body, functional workouts each week that can be done at home, on the road, or at the gym

+ variations for beginners to advanced

+ suggested cardio routines

+ yoga-based stretching sequence

+ online video glossary

+ visuals and verbal instructions

+ meal guide + recommended food lists

+ guided meditations

+ homework and video blogging assignments to stay on track

+ monthly group conference calls to check in, get motivated, and ask questions

+ book of the month, reading to inspire you to evolve and become who you are meant to be

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