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Why SELF LOVE is the KEY to ALL Relationships

THIS is Why You Should Be Loving Yourself FIRST

It is the MONTH OF LOVE!!! What are you doing? I want to focus this month all about loving yourself first. We know when you show up loving yourself FIRST, all your other relationships benefit from it. But how do you get to that true place of self love?

Break Old Habits and Limiting Beliefs For Good!

Finally kick those old habits to the curb this year!

I just did a Facebook Live on how to Break Old Habits and Limiting Beliefs for Good! I would love for you to check it below or you can View On Facebook Here.

Either way, comment and let me know what you think!

The Next Day…After a Holiday Party or Night Out

Have you ever partied a little too much…? No? Just me then…

Ok, it’s the Day After…that holiday party, Christmas party, birthdays, work gathering, etc! And you did some serious work on the food and drinks last night. Now what??

How To ELEVATE Your Life Through The Power of CONNECTION

Connecting with Others is a HUGE Key To Success

I got to sit down with Joel Brown, creator and host of Addicted 2 Success website and podcast, and we talked all about how connecting with other people can really elevate your life. I would love for you to watch/listen and let me know your take aways in the comments below.

Listen to Those “Nudges” From the Universe

And Figure Out If They Are a HELL YES or a No

Hello Gorgeous!

I know you’ve felt it and I know you’ve ignored it! I have too. I’m talking about that poke from the Nudgy Bear, better known as a soul message straight from SOURCE that poses a question mark above your head.

For me, I am a creative so I get lots of nudges that sound interesting! Oooooh should I join a pottery club, play the guitar, start that new Meetup group or create that new fitness app? The list goes on and on but I know myself very well. They have to be a HELL yes right now and one year down the road for me to take action or I tend to quit on them.

So when I got the nudge to start a podcast I had to think about it for a while. At first it wasn’t a super powerful nudge, more like a toddler gently tapping at you when they know they shouldn’t. In fact I TRIED to ignore it and I only started thinking about it because my husband was talking about doing one. Now, I will tell you that I started out as a SERIOUS podcast listener to begin with and give so much credit to them for my growth and willingness to learn and reach out to new people, but I didn’t know I would want to actually do one. They take a lot of work and honestly, I was scared sh*tless to reach out to these epic leaders and have to talk with them, one on one, for an hour!  Oh crap, it scares me in the WORST way…which only meant I had to explore it more because following that fear is where all the gold has been HIDDEN for me.

fullsizerender-jpgIt started with a simple question. “Would I like having to connect and show up for this weekly?” The answer was yes. “Would I like having an excuse to connect with brilliant people I normally may not get the opportunity to?” The answer was HELL YES! “Would I like to share life changing information that could potentially alter the lives of others and leave a ripple in the planet while simultaneously getting the same gifts of growth? Must I tell you what the answer was? I literally said a prayer to God and said that no matter how tough or scary it got, I’ll show up for this nudge, and I have for eight months now and it’s been one of the best things I have ever done.
Feel the nudge, ask the questions and stay in those questions long enough until the answer comes. And for the love of all that is holy, be consistent. The blessings are all waiting for you beyond your wildest dreams.

Today, I want to thank you for reaching ONE MILLION DOWNLOADS in just under eight months. I would have never in a million years dreamed it would have happened like this from that very first nudge, yet it is what I set my intentions and focus on! I could not have done it without all of you sharing the love and joining me on this soul journey. Clearly the nudge was NOT a message from my mind but from the same place that is speaking to you trying to get you to do that thing. You may not even be sure what it is yet, but keep listening, asking and following until you KNOW it’s time to show up. It’s not easy my love, but neither is the soul squashing pain that comes from ignoring it. Honestly, fear can be worked with but regret is a beast. You are made for this. We all are and that is the truth. You just have to say yes.

I would love your feedback on the podcast, guests suggestions and of course you sharing, rating and reviewing is how I get to have the guests I’ve had on. I ask that if you love it you continue to share it. It takes a village and we are it!

Deepest heart soaked gratitude,

Lori Harder

P.S. If you haven’t heard my Earn Your Happy Podcast, I would love for you to listen to a few episodes! Click HERE to listen!

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