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Meditation is the key to happiness and inner peace.
Meditation allows us to create the space we need to release our blocks and listen to what our soul is telling us.
It is a practice that helps us slow down, become fully present,
and make choices that are in alignment with our highest purpose and truest desires.
It allows us to connect to our inner guide.

Okay, that’s all great, but what if you’ve never meditated before?
Or what if you think it’s completely coo-coo cocoa puffs?
You say you can’t even sit still for two minutes, let alone sit still, be quiet, and totally zen for five.
You’re not alone, my friend. I was once there.
But here’s the thing: We gotta start to slooooow down that train you’re on,
because if you keep on at this pace,
you’ll continue to miss out what you’re soul is trying to tell you!

Where to begin then?
There are many, many different style of meditations, and I’ve practiced most—from Guided visualization,
Transcendental to Kundalini. All great, but I’m here to share what works best for me. I want your meditation practice
to be an easy, enjoyable, and rejuvenating experience for you. The meditations I offer on this website come in two parts. Part One: Calm, clear and focus your mind with a mantra that embodies what you want to manifest, what you desire.
Part Two: Begin to visualize and envision your ideal situation and then to cultivate the feelings of being in that ideal situation. There are hundreds of reasons to meditate, but I will tell you that it helps me focus on what I want in my life instead of what I don’t want. It helps me move past my fears and realize the power I have to create my life and manifest my
desires simply by what I focus my thoughts on.

“I don’t do sh*t until I meditate.”-Russell Simmons

Here are a few more reasons

why meditation is beneficial

+ to develop deep concentration and focus
+ to understand what your intuition and inner guide feels like
+ to alleviate anxiety, stress, and depression
+ to sleep better and feel more rested throughout the day
+ to strengthen creativity and self-expression
+ to regain control of your day and life
+ to respond and create outcomes you desire instead of reacting
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