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  • 60 Day Challenge Participant

    This is the first time ever I was able to follow an eating and exercise program for this length of time. The meal plan, Isagenix shakes, workouts and the Facebook family is the perfect combination for success! I am committed and am grateful everyday that I found Lori and her plan! I feel fantastic and each time I look in the mirror a big smile stretches across my face…that is priceless!

    -Natalie Gaylon

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  • Body + Soul Member

    Lori’s Body+Soul On-Line Program taught me more about myself, how food & scheduled workouts affects not only my body in regards to weight-loss, strength & muscle definition but also my mind, emotions & feelings to those around me than any other program or goal I’ve worked towards. I gained a new perspective on self discipline & goal setting & where things were lacking in my life. I found the willpower from within to change old habits and on mornings when I just wanted to stay in bed or didn’t feel too eager to workout I pulled up the private Facebook page and found strength and motivation from the other ladies on the same journey. I feel so fortunate to be a part of a wonderful group of ladies & an amazing & inspiring mentor who is a beautiful person inside & out!

    -Jennifer H.

  • Bliss Project Attendee
    Attending Lori's Bliss Project sparked something in me. I felt inspired and touched by Lori's humility, dedication and sense of humor, and left with a clear action plan which led to unprecedented growth. Since Bliss I've fearlessly stepped into things which would've terrified me before. I recommend to Bliss Project to women everywhere who are looking to enrich their lives, business, income, relationships and contribution to the world.
    -Eden Slobin - Entrepreneur, Network Marketing Professional, Trainer
  • Bliss Habit Alum, Bliss Project Attendee
    2014 was a year where I was on a mission to find what was missing in my life and what I needed to do to get there. Lori’s Bliss Habit opened a doorway to a path of personal development and discovery. Since I began working with Lori, I have experienced an awakening within. I have broken down every barrier that has ever stood in my way and turned my vision board into a success board, showing everything I accomplished this year. Lori empowered me, taught me forgiveness and helped me find my confidence. Lori's meditations and lessons gave me the tools to live a beautiful life full of purpose, turn dreams into realities and light a fire inside of me to go out and make the world a better place.
    -Sarah Kassimer - Entrepreneur, CEO + Founder:
  • Bliss Supporter & Practitioner
    Lori inspires me like very few people ever have. She is the most beautiful example and expression of how blissful, balanced and bountiful life should be lived. I love watching her expand professionally and spiritually SO courageously, so that she can be of phenomenal service to this world- Thats the reason so many people would follow her anywhere, including me.
    -Peta Kelly - Entrepreneur, Director - Life By My Own Design
  • Body + Soul Member, Bliss Project Attendee
    Working with Lori Harder on my 75 pound weight loss not only made me lose pounds, gain confidence, and feel better, but empowered me to transform myself. Lori has a truly unique gift in that she gives you hope, faith and love in her special and wonderful way to make you realize that the world is at your fingertips and you just have to reach out and grab it. She's right there with you every step of the way, believing in your goals as much as you do. I'm forever grateful for her support, her mentoring, coaching, passion and belief - she's a game changer, an inspiring powerhouse that will help you get where you want to be and more.
    -Meredith Tilch - Corporate Communications Executive
  • Bliss Project Attendee
    Lori Harder put together a life changing weekend. Bliss was so much fun! The women who came, were so ready to learn and grow and open to connect with other like minded women. I didn't know what to expect, and was really blown away by each and every woman I connected with. Lori is not only very knowledgeable and authentic she is also funny which makes learning from her an absolute delight. The space created and held was safe and warm, just like one of the 20 second hugs she encouraged us to give ;) Lori doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk and is proof that these tools can change your life and your perspective. This event was seamless, fun, inspiring and empowering... A huge thanks to Lori and her team for a fabulous weekend!
    -Natalie Alexia - Owner: Love's The New Black
  • Body + Soul Member

    First I saw her abs on Oxygen, then I found her… What I found was so much bigger. Yes, my body is mine, and if I use my will power, and my joy of moving, I can transform it. But from getting more fit, I now remember what I had forgotten. I remember that I kick ass! I remember why I believed in myself when I was a kid, and in college and all of those years until I somehow started doubting myself. I believe in me and my dreams again. And for that, I am forever grateful to Lori Harder and her unstoppable, almost annoyingly exuberant positivity. For making me realize that my body is just a vessel to carry my dreams and my goals. And that while I make it smokin’ hot — that what is more important is to create positive energy around me, and that energy is what moves me forward, and you forward, and us forward, and the world. It’s like riding a wave, one after the other.

    -Colleen Davie Janes

  • Body + Soul Member

    I have been working with Lori for almost two years and have noticed a huge difference in my body over that time. I look forward to getting the new workouts every month and they keep getting better every time. They’re fun, challenging and I love how she changes it up every month. Lori’s dedication to the program is unmatched and she really puts her all into creating the workouts for us every month. Having a video demo of each move is so helpful to make sure I know I’m doing it all right and with good form too.

    Having the closed Monthly On-Line program Facebook page is a great way to check in and get motivated from everyone else on the plan. It’s a fantastic group of women that have helped me stay on track and find the motivation when I can’t seem to muster it for myself. This is the best program I’ve found and I intend to stay on it for a long time.

    -Chelsea Klevesahl – Senior Art Director


  • Bliss Project Attendee
    The Bliss Project 2014 helped me open up my world to new ways of thinking and believing in myself and my own power! Every speaker kept opening up that world in ways I never imagined. I am truly blessed to be living a more empowered life with the help of Lori Harder...she helps you recognize and act on the WONDER OF YOU! Can’t wait for the magic to unfold in 2015! Thanks to Lori and her whole TEAM!
    -Peggy Higman
  • Body + Soul Member
    Lori’s Body + Soul program provides the most amazingly supportive environment to set your fitness goals, show your flaws, be human and achieve amazing results with challenging and fun workouts each month. The online Soul community is one of the most valuable parts of the program. I check in to the Facebook page everyday to see how my fellow workout buddies around the world are doing and to share in their triumphs and troubles and to feel inspired by so many amazing women. Lori's heart, soul and passion shine through every video she posts. A truly incredible woman who offers other women the opportunity to be the very best version of themselves through fitness, forgiveness and lots of self love.
    -Kate Megee - Project Coordination Manager, Pakastan
  • Bliss Project Attendee
    Lori Harder is a fire-starter in my life! Thanks to her leadership and The Bliss Project in 2014, I went on to create an ultra-fulfilling, fresh, fun and deeply loving life that I thrive in every second of every day. Lori's joy and passion are contagious! She is a pearl in the sea of new-age thinkers and teachers. Thanks to Lori's guidance and mentorship, I am now aligned with my divine self and purpose, and I am on a mission to use my gifts to pay these lessons forward.
    -Holly Berube - Dating & Relationship Coach
  • Bliss Project Attendee
    Working with Lori created a profound shift in the way I see myself and the way I view the world. Through her Bliss events she creates a simple and effective way to apply key, life shifting concepts with a fusion from the greatest teachers in the field coupled with her own love and light. I am forever grateful to have a person like her in my life.
    -Amanda Crowell - Entrepreneur - Cancer Thriver - Spiritual enthusiast - Fortune 100 company
  • Bliss Habit Participant
    Working with Lori Harder in the Bliss Habit has been an essential life changing experience. Not only is the Bliss Habit a realistic daily program you can adapt to any schedule and lifestyle, it is generously affordable and provides tools that are easy to implement. Lori is genuine, supportive, encouraging, full of compassion and is a mentor to so many of us women who seriously needed her assistance to live an empowered life. Lori came into my life at the perfect time. I am forever grateful I chose to embrace her Bliss Habit coaching course.
    -Cindi Kirkwood - Human Resources Manager / Executive Assistant at The Gant Aspen, Entrepreneur, Single Mother
  • Body + Soul Member

    Lori’s programs have recharged my soul and life. She’s fun, experienced, motivating and engaged. Not only does she love what she does, she exudes generosity and kindness with everyone she touches. I’m super lucky to have found her and the kick ass community of women she leads.

    -Karen Flynn – Marketing/Creative Consultant, Mom, Entrepreneur

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