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Mission + Manifesto

We EARN our Happy each day.
Beauty is a way of being.  Strength means showing up.  Fierce self-love is our only choice.
We scorch old stories and replace them with heart-soaked rituals, sweaty commitment and intense gratitude.
We live with intention and let love lead the way.

It’s not what you’ve been eating, it’s not what you’ve been doing,
it’s what you’ve been THINKING that creates your body and your reality. Together we’re going to make sure you find and live your purpose,
surrender your fears and let your soul lead the way.

This is your sacred space to forgive, grow, heal, find your tribe and reconnect to your soul.
It’s always trying to guide you, so it’s time to quiet the noise, listen up and follow your BLISS to your best body and life.
Read about my own soul journey here.

Lori Harder

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Meet Lori

Hello there! I am so excited you found my website. You’ve been searching for something. Am I right? Maybe it’s the body, the money, the career, the relationship, the spiritual connection—maybe you want it all, the whole package. But how do you get it? What’s the first step? This is it. You’ve taken it. Whatever you’re after, the good news is that you can get it right here. So, go ahead and make yourself at home. Put on a cup of tea, curl up, and get cozy, friend, because we’ve got a lot of work to do before you’re promoted to the Spiritual CEO of your life.

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