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When you change your outlook, you change your outcome!
Welcome to the Bliss Project

Gain the confidence and clarity to build a mindset so powerful that you can finally connect to the destiny you were designed for.


Do you have a long-time goal that you’re not pursuing because your fears, thoughts, or doubts are holding you back?

Here’s the bottom line: The real cause of most of our obstacles is not genetics, food, lack of money or any physical or external factor. Instead, our biggest threat to exponential change is our own minds — daily thought patterns that include negative self-talk, doubt and damaging belief systems. The good news is that the habit of mental self-sabotage isn’t permanent — you can change it all!

But where and how do you start?

I’ve spent the last decade helping thousands of women, individually, overcome their image issues and goal-related fears by resetting their minds to think more confidently and to own their fundamental power. Now, I want to introduce my coaching on a grander scale, helping even more women build an unbreakable foundation of resiliency and resolve that will lead to an extraordinary life.

Introducing the Bliss Project: A First-Of-Its-Kind Retreat Dedicated to Detoxing Your Mind

Will 2018 be your year for exponential growth? If The Bliss Project has anything to do with it, the answer is yes!

The Bliss Project is my three-day, live academy dedicated to helping you demolish the mental barriers that have been barring you from living an amazingly blissful life.

During the Bliss Project’s event, we’ll purge every last “would of, could of, should of,” clearing the way for you to find your TRUTH. Imagine feeling peace in your soul. Peace in your mind. Peace in your choices and decisions. This is what truly matters. THIS is your success linchpin.

ESlobin HeadshotAttending Lori’s Bliss Project sparked something in me. I felt inspired and touched by Lori’s humility, dedication and sense of humor, and left with a clear action plan which led to unprecedented growth. Since Bliss I’ve fearlessly stepped into things which would’ve terrified me before. I recommend to Bliss Project to women everywhere who are looking to enrich their lives, business, income, relationships and contribution to the world.” -Eden Slobin

This event is THE answer for women who desire more for their lives, but are stuck in the cycle of bad habits, stale thoughts and negative self-talk.

Each day, I’ll be there to facilitate and guide you through targeted lesson plans and exercises that will fortify your mind to stay in fighting form. PLUS, you benefit from my guest speakers, which include thought innovators, authors, yoga instructors, meditation practitioners, musicians and more.

First of All, Here’s Why I Call It A “Project”

We’re all a work in progress, right? That includes yours truly! We weren’t put on this earth to be perfect and to never stumble. And, we certainly weren’t put on this earth to figure out our problems all alone or never ask for help — that’s the route to failure, if you ask me. The Bliss Project is the perfect touchstone for women looking to let their inner brilliance emerge through step-by-step exercises, breakaway sessions and meditations that work to invigorate your faith in yourself and your capabilities.

Why Should YOU Be a Part of the Bliss Project?

During our 3-day event, you’ll meet me and my team of elite experts who who will stop at nothing to help you realize your truth. These A-listers are not accessible through any of my other offerings and will be devoted entirely to you and your growth during The Bliss Project.

You’ll benefit from exercises that strengthen the mind, as well as ones that tone the body. Daily a.m. yoga and meditation sessions will set the stage for our information-packed work sessions that follow.

You’ll benefit from daily networking opportunities with other participants. There’s nothing like the in-person connections and experiences that happen at a weekend like this — you could NEVER have this experience online.

You’ll benefit from exclusive need to know secrets and best practices for winning the mental game — knowledge that is simply NOT AVAILABLE in any of my other training and coaching.

Specifically, Bliss Project workshops and exercises will teach you how to:

  • Create a solid foundation for all your goals and dreams
  • Live a life that is anything but normal, it’s extraordinary
  • Get clear and uncover the true desires you want in your life
  • Reconnect with your truth through daily mantra’s and practices
  • Feel fully alive each day

You’ll receive the strategy behind winning the “mind game” of success once and for all!

ACrowell HeadshotWorking with Lori created a profound shift in the way I see myself and the way I view the world. Through her Bliss events she creates a simple and effective way to apply key, life shifting concepts with a fusion from the greatest teachers in the field coupled with her own love and light. I am forever grateful to have a person like her in my life.” 
-Amanda Crowell

Event Dates: March 2 – 4, 2018

Although The Bliss Project runs from Friday, March 2 to Sunday, March 4th, the Friday event is our optional VIP session (for more details on this, see the FAQs section). The general session occurs on Saturday and Sunday.

Optional VIP Session:

  • Friday, March 2, 2018 from 6:30pm – 9:30pm

General Session:

  • Saturday, March 3th, 2018 from 7:00am – 10:00pm
  • Sunday, March 4th, 2018 from 7:00am – 5:00pm


Retail Pricing for this event is $699.  The Early Bird pricing for general session is available for a limited time only until August 1st, and once they go up, there will be no exceptions.


What does the event schedule and agenda look like?

FRIDAY – The VIP event will be held outdoors in a beautiful rose garden. This music-filled reception offers a great chance to get to know the guest speakers and other project participants. You’ll enjoy a range of appetizers and wine (if you choose to partake), and participate in “ice breaker” activities, so we can bond as a group. We’ll also give away some really fun surprises throughout the evening.

SATURDAY – We start our day with early morning, heart opening yoga. This yoga session is designed so everyone can participate — even if you’ve never practiced yoga before. Most of our practice will include beautiful mantras and relaxing poses that open our hearts and prepare us for the day ahead.

After yoga, the general session consists of lecture, coursework, meditation and group exercises — some written and some interactive. Whether you’re at the beginning of your mindful journey, or you’re a rockstar with your head fully in the game, the exercises are based on where YOU are at right now.

Then, we’ll break for lunch. Although lunch is not catered, you can bring your lunch to class. There are many restaurants within walking distance of our location.

We’ll end the day with a cocktail reception, so you get a chance to mingle and chat with the friends you’ve made. We then encourage you to get rest or have a dinner with your new found friends at one of the many nearby restaurants.

SUNDAY – This morning starts with another heart-opening yoga session to prepare you for the day and enable everything you’ve learned to soak into your soul. The general session will be similar to Saturday’s session, and includes a lunch break, as well as lectures by guest speakers who will hand you the keys to creating healthy, mindful habits — and sticking with them.

Where is The Bliss Project being held?

This event will be held at the beautiful Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa

Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa
900 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, California 92660

For the room block information, please email once you have purchased your ticket.

What is the registration deadline?

This program will sell out fast and I must limit it to a group of less than 500 participants only. This is so I can give attendees the BEST results through smaller, more focused breakaway sessions and group work.

Doors for registration JUST officially opened! But remember, they are FIRST COME FIRST SERVED and last year we sold out in just a couple weeks!

Additional FAQs can be found here.

ATTENTION: Even if you attended The Bliss Project in years prior, I have some changes for 2018 that you won’t want to miss!

Break out of the bondage of toxic beliefs. Walk with certainty into a new, more radiant future. Take control of your life, your happiness and beyond — it all starts with the right foundation. We’ll build it — together — at The Bliss Project!

Remember:  Tickets are on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. Don’t delay on grabbing yours now while they are available!

Join us in Newport Beach California March 2nd-4th, 2018!

Tickets Are NOW ON SALE! Grab Your Early Bird Prices While They Are Available!

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This is for you if...

+ If you have a desire, but have always been too afraid to follow through.
+ If you feel like you don’t have the tools or expertise to take the next steps.
+ If you wish you had a tribe of supportive women who you could share ideas with.
+ If you’re ready to step into the next level – even if you don’t know what to expect.
+ If you want to feel fully alive each day.
+ If you want a deeper connection and understanding in your relationships.
+ If you want to become more fulfilled with your job and daily tasks.
+ If you want to know the true desires of your soul.
+ If you’re ready to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.
+ If you like learning new perspectives and habits, and gaining insights.
+ If you want to expand your spiritual connection.
+ If you’ve ever been interested in meditation.
+ If you want to create a solid foundation for all of your goals and dreams to be built on.
+ If you feel like you need a mental reset, confidence booster and personal power plan.

Join us in Newport Beach California March 2nd-4th, 2018!

Tickets Are NOW ON SALE! Grab Your Early Bird Prices While They Are Available!

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