14 Day Challenge

of being, belonging, & building YOUR tribe
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Join the 14-Day Workout Consistency Challenge!

You’ll be amazed how you feel in just 20 minutes a day!

and enter to win $1000

I’ll provide you with the 20 -minute, quick and effective workout videos for you to follow along.  They’re designed to be done anywhere with only a set of dumbbells! Join now and get ready for the April 17th start date! One woman will win $1,000 just for participating!

Hey Gorgeous!

Is your biggest struggle lack of time, energy and feeling like you’re out of your normal routine? Yeah, mine too! Lack of support and a plan tends to make us skip our workouts altogether, forcing us to ride the struggle-bus (beep-beep) with anxiety and guilt all month long!

The #LH14DayChallenge is an EASY way to stay consistent over the next two weeks and to build momentum going into Summer! This challenge is all about quick, effective workouts that you will be doing with a tribe of kick-ass people to help hold you accountable and have fun along the way.

This is not a weight-loss challenge – although side effects could include weight-loss and extreme euphoria! Instead of asking disempowering questions like “Why did I eat that? Or Why did I skip my workout?” I want you to ask yourself “How can I love myself a little bit more than I do right now?” This challenge is your plan and answer, together we will take CONSISTENT, DAILY action to do the things that LOVE US BACK!

This is what truly matters. THIS is your success linchpin.

Here's How it works

Be Consistant

you must work out and post every single day

win $1000

One woman will win $1000 just for
completing all 14 days

work out videos

I’ll provide the real-time workout videos for
you to follow


Follow the provided calendar to stay on track

Workouts are intense

Quick, effective workouts, 20 min a day


All posts must be done on Instagram with the
two hashtags

hashtags #

Must include #LH14dayChallenge and #Day1
(or whatever number day it is )

Follow @Loriharder

You must be following me on instagram @LoriHarder to win

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