The Difference Between “Nudging” and “Pushing” Your Spouse.

July 24, 2012

[quote]Chris, since you already have a successful business please help me to give my bf the same drive. He’s currently working as a personal trainer and he said that is his passion but they don’t give him enough hours at work. He’s a smart handsome, charming guy but I don’t understand how he doesn’t have enough confidence to look for another job. How do I help him without sounding like a nagging gf??? Basically he has a lot to do every day but always falls behind and I keep telling him to write down his goals and to do lists but he just doesn’t have the motivation – which is weird since he motivates people for a living!  Please help! <3 you guys![/quote]

Dear Lisa,

What a fantastic question!  Many couples I know, including Lori and I, have struggled with this.  It’s tough when you see that your partner is struggling, but won’t do what it takes to change their situation.  Also, you are correct in wondering where the happy medium is between offering enough encouragement for him to make a change, but not crossing the “nagging” line where it could actually discourage him from making a move.  This is a very important balance that’s hard to strike.  This can sometimes be a very sensitive subject for men to handle, as they always feel like they need to be this great provider, so handle with care.

The first thing I would offer you is that you can’t make someone change until they are really ready for change.  You see, change is a scary thing to most people, and while someone can be unhappy in their current situation, they may be scared that the “change” could result in failure, thus making them even more unhappy!  The ironic part is, personally speaking, that every change that has scared me most, has always turned out wildly for the better!  Perhaps your first step is to have him think of other changes he’s been hesitant to make, and discuss how well they have turned out in the long run.

My next piece of advice is that it is always better to lead with a carrot than push with a stick!  Meaning, instead of letting the subject turn into fights, arguments or insults, always keep the discussions positive.  Offer him incentive to take small steps toward finding a new training job.  Perhaps find some potentially interesting job listings for him as a favor.  Lead by example by offering up changes of your own to accomplish, and commit to making these steps together.  People always accomplish more when they know that someone is doing it right along with them.

Finally, you must always be honest with him.  Sometimes people need to be shown bluntly but constructively that they have a choice to make, and by not acting on that choice, their life simply will not change for the better.  Remind him that they say “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results!”  There’s lot of truth to that saying.  You must tell him both when he’s doing a good job of moving forward, and when he’s using excuses or not prioritizing his goals.

Finding a new job is never easy, but nothing worth having ever is.  Stick together, and you’ll both benefit from him succeeding.  After all, a happy boyfriend makes for a happy girlfriend!

Best of luck,




Do You Want a “Job” or “Career”?

July 24, 2012

[quote]Q:  I recently lost my job and this is giving me motivation to not give up. Can you give us any pointers on staying inspired and optimistic in these economic times? Would love if you gave more success tips![/quote]

Dear Maria,

Your question stood out to me because I’ve had this conversation with so many people, and, because I too recently had experienced this same challenge.  Let me start my answer by telling you my own story quickly.

I was employed as an executive at an international bank, when all of a sudden the economy took a long over-due dump, and I was unexpectedly given the choice of a demotion, a move, or a severance package.  I chose severance.  Now, this wasn’t an easy choice, but the choice that I knew gave me the most hope for being even happier and more successful in the long run.

You see, I thought I had it all at this job.  A great company, a great reputation, more income than we knew what to do with, great benefits and more amazing complimentary first-class vacations than Lori and I could ever dream of.  Sounds pretty awesome, right?  Well, not entirely.  Something was missing.  While I appreciated all of these things, I started to get used to them, and pretty soon nothing was enough.  At the same time, I got more and more caught up in “corporate lingo” and the demand to do better, and spent less time on the lingo that really mattered, my quality time and conversation spent with Lori.  So, when the severance option was offered, I knew this was my only chance to hit the reset button, and refocus on the things that meant the most in my life.  My relationship with Lori, and doing something more meaningful for others.

Now, when I found myself in your shoes, I was standing at the beginning of the greatest recession since the Great Depression.  No job, and BIG bills!  In order to recover, I had to stop and listen to all of the lessons in life that I had been taught, but had ignored up to that point. You see, growing up, my parents always taught me “do what you love, and the success will follow.”  I looked around and realized the happiest people I knew, were the people that were doing what they loved in life.  I also realized that these were the very same people who were the most successful in their careers.  Coincidence?  I think not!  When you love what you do, you naturally excel.”

Now, if you love doing “ABC” in your life, and there happens to be a career in “ABC,” then congratulations!  Job search complete.  However, that doesn’t happen to be the case most of the time.  Give up?  Hell no!  You see, these same people that I realized were happiest and most successful weren’t just given what they have now.  They built it.  Some started their own business from nothing (yes, nothing!), others took an entry level position below their qualifications in order to be in the field they wanted, and then worked their way up quickly because they were so happy and effective.  And some went against traditional thinking, and started careers in areas that people said they could never make money in (joke’s on them now!).

Now, if you’re saying “Gee, thanks for the advice Captain Obvious,” hold on!  I understand that people have obligations, families, and responsibilities that they have to consider when making this choice.  So, I will tell you, sometimes you have to take a “job” that will make ends meet, while you work on your dream career simultaneously.  Sound tough and tiring?  It is.  That’s why everyone’s not running around living out their dreams.  But, those who are, weren’t afraid of a little sacrifice and hard work to get there.  Nothing worth having comes easy, or quickly!  Suck it up, and go out and create it.

Lori and I sold several extravagances, changed our way of thinking, and downsized our lifestyle just so that we could start careers doing what we really wanted to do instead of just taking “jobs” that paid the same as the old one.  We worked non-stop, taking all the necessary and sometimes difficult steps for over two years to get here.  And the result?  We’ve never been happier or more fulfilled.  And ironically, two years later, we’re more successful than ever.  Perhaps that has something to do with changing our definition of success!  Here’s my point.  Choose your next career because you love it, not because it pays you the same as your last job.

Best of luck to you, not in finding a replacement job, but in starting the career you were meant to do!

Stop With Your “Dumb” New Years Resolutions Already!

July 24, 2012

[quote]Q: Chris… love the site! All of my friends seem to be making all of these New Year’s Resolutions, but I know they’re not going to keep most of them. It makes me not even want to set any myself, but I know I need to do something! I make the same ones every year. Any advice?[/quote]

Julie Ann, I feel the same way you do! I see all of these people making the same generic New Year’s resolutions every year. I even hear the same ones from the same people over and over. I wanna scream “What about last year’s goals?  How’d those go for ya!”

Now, I will say it’s very healthy to have a “reset” point where you sit down, look at your life, and try to make some real positive changes, and if the New Year is what gets you to do this, then great. However, instead of making the same goals year after year, only to see them fail once again, why not follow an easy process to make one or two real, lasting changes this time? Why not make “SMART” Resolutions!

Years ago in my executive training, I learned how to lead people to attaining the goals by using the acronym “SMART.” SMART stands for S=specific M=measurable, A=attainable, R=realistic and T=timely. I know it may seem obvious, but let me break it down for you a bit.

First, be Specific! This is not like saying “Gee, this year I’m going to lose weight.” Instead it’s getting as granular as saying “I need to lose 30 pounds by summer, because this is where my weight was when I felt sexier.” Or perhaps it’s saying “I’m going to add $10,000 to my emergency savings account by year’s end.”

Now, you can’t attain what you can’t Measure! Thus, make your goal measurable! This doesn’t mean “I can measure 30 pounds with the scale, so that’s my goal.” It means measure it out. If 30 pounds is your goal by summer, then measure it out monthly. If you feel summer starts roughly June 1st, then you know you have five months, or measured out, you have to lose six pounds per month. Going even further, you know that’s about 1.5 lbs a week. Very attainable! This way you won’t eat chocolate chip muffins for breakfast all the way thru May, and then freak out because your muffin-tops are bigger than ever with a month to go!

Attainable and Realistic are next. Stop setting stupid pie-in-the-sky goals. “I’m going to be a millionaire this year.” Or “I’m finally losing these last pesky 300 pounds!” While it’s great to have a larger, long-term goal, you must make sure it’s attainable and realistic for the timeline you set, or you will quit with discouragement! So, you’re not going to pay off your ten-thousand dollar Jimmy Choo shoe debt by next month, but perhaps you can by fall. Have no idea how much money you can set aside? Or how much weight you can lose a month? Then ask for help with your goals. Seek help from a friend or expert who’s been through a similar feat before.

Finally, make them Timely! Set a timeframe for the goal. Putting an end point on your goal gives you a clear target to work towards. If you don’t set a time, the commitment is too vague, and it tends not to happen because you feel you can start at any time. Without a time limit, there’s no urgency to start taking action now. Lastly, make sure his timeframe has several stop along the way: “By next week, in three months, by years end.” Having these timely checkpoints will keep you on pace and leave no room for surprises at the end.

So, if you’re sick of hearing people claim these dumb and irrational goals this time every year, make this the year that you do something different…actually make a change once and for all. Make some “SMART” New Year’s Resolutions this time, and you’ll be rich and skinny in no time!

Good luck!

Your Friend’s Suck!

July 24, 2012

Your friends suck.  How do I know that?  Because I have friends that suck.  You may not even realize it, but we all have them.  Friends that suck up too much of your time, your energy, your money, or even the life out of you.

The unfortunate part is they may not even know that they are doing this, nor may you.  In most cases, it’s not intentional or sneaky, it just happens.  It may be that friend who always comes to you with endless relationship issues.  Or perhaps it’s the friend who always seems short on cash and needs another loan, yet always has the hottest new clothes.  Or maybe it’s your friend who although you love them, you find yourself hitting “decline” on their phone call because you just can’t bear to hear the complaining and negativity again.

Ever find yourself struggling at work a few days a week?  It couldn’t be that friend who guilts you into late night happy hours every Tuesday and Thursday instead of the gym could it?  Have trouble keeping those last few pounds off?  Perhaps it’s your friend who insists you deserve to eat those fatty, rich foods at lunch or dinner because they want them too, and “of course you don’t want to make them feel badly.”   You see, these “friends” slowly suck the life out of your goals without even intending it.  Sometimes they’re just a permanent bad influence.

Of course not all “sucky” friends are so innocent either.  Some of them know they’re doing it, but you’ve always been there for them, so why should they stop?  Like your friend that suddenly turns cold once you’ve lost those twenty pounds, and you refuse to skip the gym now instead of going out with them.   Or how about the insecure friend who thrives off of attention, and knows what throwing a tantrum in public every time will ensure they get their way.  The scary part is we usually identify these more obvious life suckers, but continue to hang out with them just the same.

It is often said that your income is the average of your 5 closest friends’.  Well, I’m going to go as far as to say that holds true not only for wealth, but for your health, relationships, and happiness.  So, am I saying ditch your friends and start over?  Absolutely not.  But, take a real look at your friends and watch out for these signs.  Most importantly, don’t be afraid to mention something to them when you see them, and realize that a true friend will hold your wants and goals in high regard, not just theirs.  And after all this, if they’re still suck, be brave enough to know that you’ll be better off without them!

Your “friend,”

Exposed by FACEBOOK!

July 24, 2012

“Friends,” I must say, Facebook has sure made you transparent, and while you may not realize it, seeing you from the “outside looking in,” has exposed a couple patterns that are very alarming.  I bring this up not to be judgmental (Lord knows I have plenty of crap to work on), but in hopes that it makes a few of you think a bit, and perhaps help you end up with some more positive moments in life.

The overwhelming pattern is negativity.  Complaining about this, whining about that, not just occasionally, but all the freaking time!  “Another bad day.”  “Why does this always happen to me?”  “My job sucks.”  “Sick once again!”   Oh, and my favorite classy line, “FML!”  Sound familiar?  I’m sure your news feed sounds the same when you check in to see how everyone’s lives are.

To take this a step further, it always seems to be the same people who have all this “bad stuff” happen to them on a regular basis.  Correlation?  I think so.  Ever hear of the law of attraction?  Look it up, there’s something to it.  You really can manifest what kind of day or life you are going to have.  Wake up telling yourself you’re going to have a bad day…you sure are!  Head to your job while thinking how unfair it is that you have to go there again…you’re right!  Tell everyone “Oh, I’m have the worst luck,” then crappy luck is what you’ll have.  Congratulations!

I know what you’re thinking.  “Sorry Chris, but my job really does suck, I really do have all the bad luck, and looking at my schedule, there’s no way to not have a bad day.”  However, I challenge you to take a different perspective just for a little while.  Sure, we all have tough situations that arise out of our control, but the difference is not in what happens to you, but how you react to it.

Let’s take your “crappy job” for starters.  I know you can’t just up and change it.  But, a friend of mine once gave me great advice: If you’re not passionate about your job, at least be passionate about what it provides you.”  There’s much truth to that.  Not everyone ended up being an actor or astronaut.  Get over it.  Instead, realize that by being lucky enough to go earn a living every day, you get to provide for your family, maybe go on vacation, drive the car you want, or whatever it is that the job provides for you, be passionate about it.  And PS: It’s not that you don’t make enough money, it’s that you choose to do stupid shit with the money you make.  Think that one through for a minute.  We’ve all done it.  When are you going to stop doing it?  Being in finance for so many years, I see people with forty-thousand dollar incomes have more savings than people with two hundred thousand dollar incomes all the time.  It’s not what you make, it’s what you do with it.

Next let’s tackle all of you “chronically sick” or “always stressed out” folks out there.  I’m going to be blunt.  Unless you been dealt the unfortunate hand of a serious disease, stop your damn whining.  In fact, those I’ve met with serious diseases always seem more positive than you perfectly capable individuals.  I’ll tell you why you’re sick all the time: You’re out of shape.  You eat crap all the time, and you have a bad attitude.  Get off your damn asses and make healthy eating and exercising a priority.  Too busy?  Lori and I have four successful business that all require a ton of time and travel, yet we get our butts up extra early to head around the lake each morning, in the dark, and even when it’s zero degrees.  Drop the excuses, and make it a priority.  Too tired to exercise and eat right?  Wrong.  You’re tired BECAUSE you don’t exercise and eat right.  Trust me, you have it backwards right now.

Finally, for those of you with “bad luck.”  Luck is informally defined as when opportunity meets preparation.  Meaning, if you have done nothing to put yourself in a good position, when an opportunity finally arises, you will not be able to take advantage of it, and you’ll go around telling everyone your story about how you have such bad luck.  However, the reverse is true as well.  If you’re always doing your best to prepare for any opportunity (eating healthy, exercising, saving money, learning, etc…) then when that opportunity does present itself, you’ll be ready!  You’ll be able to take advantage of whatever that opportunity is, and you’ll be running around bragging about your “good luck” in no time.

I’ll leave you with this.  Do nothing with this blog, and enjoy your ever-sucky life.  Not my problem.  But, dare to try some of this on for size, and you may start to see things snowball in your favor for once.  A coworker once challenged me “why do you always seem so positive on Facebook? Your life can’t possibly be that good all the time.”   I thought about that question and answered, “yes, it really is that good all the time.”  It’s not that I don’t have unfortunate things happen like everyone else, I just choose to enjoy all the positive things that far outweigh the few negative things each day.  My positive outlook literally manifests itself into a good day.  So when I wake up each morning, I’m pretty-much guaranteed a great day, with just a few hiccups.  I hope one day you are too.

Stay well,

What’s Your Magic Drug?

July 24, 2012

I just saw a great movie.  Limitless is the movie where an underachieving writer takes a drug that allows him to tap into his whole brain instead of just the 20% they say we use, and his whole life takes a turn for the better.  He comes to life getting the girl he wants, the wealth he wants, and everything else he’s ever wanted.  While the idea of a magic drug allowing us to use our wasted brainpower seems like an amazing idea, I couldn’t help but think that almost everyone I know doesn’t even use the part of their brain they already can access.  Heck, I don’t even do it.

Forget the magic pills.  You already have enough work ethic, ideas, and intelligence to achieve whatever you want.  You just choose not to follow through with it.  I’m not accusing you of anything that I’m not guilty of either, it’s just human nature to do so.  It’s in most of us to not push the limits, to live within our fears, to take the easier way out.

How many “next big things” have you thought of, but done nothing about?  How many great businesses or restaurants have you said would make it, but you’ve never opened? Or even on a smaller scale, how many books have you bought that people told you are a necessary read, and you’re less than one chapter into them?

You want a magic drug to make you successful?  It’s called work.  Work at your dreams.  Work at your goals.  Start working instead of resting.  Weekends?  Those are for getting ahead, not for “taking it easy.”  Evenings?  Start a small business, a blog, or something to get your creative juices flowing, not shut them down sitting in front of reality TV.  And your workday?  Most of you don’t even do real “work” for half of the 8-10 hours you punch a clock for.  Think of all that valuable, yet wasted time.

You’ve got to become a junkie.  A success junkie.  A goal junkie.  Obsessed.  If you aren’t, then remember this the next time you’re broke, down, or feeling like everyone else has what you want: You have two choices; Keep underachieving, or take the magic pills and get to work!  This drug isn’t always an instant high, but if you stick with it for days, then weeks, then months, and so on, your side effects can be awesome.

You want a magic drug?  You already have it.  Your dreams, thoughts, ideas, they’re all ingredients of it.  Your capable hands, your connections, they’re a part of it too.  You’ve just chosen not to take it yet.  Oh trust me, you’ll know when you do….it feels amazing, and you’ll be hooked!

Happy “drug use!”



Our 7 Principals Guarantee Your Partner’s Success

July 24, 2012

Do you want to do something HUGE in life? Leave a real legacy of some kind? Leave your “mark?” I do, and I canʼt imagine a life without such aspirations. I also canʼt imagine a life without Lori, my partner in crime. I firmly believe you need someone else whoʼs significant in your life to reach incredible success. Iʼm not talking “ooh I had a good day success.” Iʼm speaking of REAL BIG success. Doing something incredible. Achieving some large goals. That kind of success.

Now, Iʼm not saying it has to be a “significant other.” While it certainly helps if it is a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, etc. because youʼre around each other so much, it could also be a close friend, mentor, or even a hired coach that gets you there.

So, after quite some thought, Iʼve put together a few of the reasons why Lori and I have been able to really bring out the best in each other, and what it takes to really be a good team.

1) Hold each other accountable. We all need someone to hold us accountable, even the best of us. Everyone has an off day occasionally, and thatʼs when you can count on your partner to give you that extra push, and make sure you stay on track. I canʼt tell you how many times I havenʼt wanted to go to the gym or run around the lake, but we still make each other go, and my love-handles thank her for it! We always feel so much better for it when weʼre done!

2) Set aside time to talk every day. Yes, every day. This can be in any form you like. Ours happens to be our walks that we start every morning out with. One hour of uninterrupted planning, motivating, listening, or dreaming. Many times weʼve woken up on the wrong side of the bed, but by the end of our walk, weʼve gotten each other straightened out for the day.

3) Be open to Outside Advice. If you only rely on yourself, or even just the two of you for new ideas, youʼre never going to grow outside of your own paradigm. Some of the biggest advancements in our careers have come from outside advice. Plenty of people have already been where youʼre trying to go…so seek them out!

4) Give HONEST feedback every time. This is the toughest of them all. No one wants to hurt each otherʼs feelings, but even the hardest things to say can be well-received if delivered in the right manner. Ever have to tell your wife that her self-tanner makes her look like an Oompa-Loompa? Yea, thatʼs a toughie!! Itʼs all in the delivery, (boy have I had to learn this!!) And if done correctly, youʼll help each other stay on track and reach your goals that much quicker. Youʼre not doing anyone any favors by letting them think theyʼre doing well when theyʼre not. Donʼt forget that positivereinforcement is also part of honest feedback, and will always mean that much more when your teammate knows itʼs sincere!

5) Be ready to make sacrifices. If youʼre going to be really successful, youʼre going to have to make many sacrifices. Be it time, money, friends, or whatever, youʼre not entitled to “get” everything you want AND achieve everything you want at the same time. Itʼs that simple. Once you accept this, the tough decisions get easier. In addition, if youʼre making a sacrifice for your partnerʼs goal, you better do so with a great attitude, or instead of helping, youʼre really just setting them back that much further!

6) Be into each others goals. I mean really get into them. You donʼt have to like them at first, but if youʼre not fully bought in to your partners goals, then youʼre probably not the right partner for them. Never tell them their idea is too big. In fact, challenge them to make it bigger! Youʼd be surprised how many ideas I didnʼt like at first, but once I gave them a fair shot and really listened to the merit behind them, I saw how exciting they could be once they became a reality. Furthermore, itʼs way more fun to be involved when you make their goals your own goals. The best part? Most of them have turned into the greatest moves weʼve ever made. We even have a new idea that I was reluctant to hear at first, but now may be the biggest and best move weʼve ever made yet!

7) Celebrate each otherʼs success in a BIG way!! Really do it up! After all that hard work, if youʼve achieved what you set out to do, then make sure you really enjoy it! Thatʼll be the only reason to do it all over again!

Some of the points above might seem obvious, and you might have even heard many of them before, but itʼs the consistency that you do them with that matters. These really are the principals that have guaranteed Lori and I success over and over again, and in some pretty big ways. They take work to implement on a regular basis, but if you really work to keep these points in the conscience part of your mind, I can just about guarantee that you and your partner will achieve anything you set out to!

Good luck, Chris

Hay Baby, What’s Your “Number”?

July 24, 2012

I promise I can make you wealthier in one easy move this year.  Pick your number!  Call your shot!  Just the way Babe Ruth did in the ’32 World Series, or with the bravado that Joe Namath had when he guaranteed a win before Super Bowl III.  That’s right, you’re going to choose how much you make in the upcoming year.  Become the “swami of salary!”

If you’re siting there saying I’m crazy, then read on, because this blog is really for you!  Too many of you set out each year saying, “I’m going to work hard doing the same old thing, and hope that it amounts to something decent this year.”  This is already a failing approach.  No different from running a fundraiser, or working out, you cannot start out without a firm goal in mind.  If you’re single, this is a good exercise for you and your budget, and if you’re a couple, this is even more powerful of an exercise, because you will hold each other accountable to delivering on your “number.”


I’ve done this my whole working life, and now Lori and I do this every year, and you know what?  It works!  It works because all of your energy and focus goes toward hitting this number.  You simply choose what you want to make in the upcoming year, and the start working it backwards to see how you’re going to get there.  Now, I know what many of you are thinking; “I have a salary, I don’t get to choose, my employer chooses for me.”  WRONG!  Your full time salary, if that’s the position that you’re in, is just one of the pieces of the puzzle.  Here’s how it works:

1.  Choose together.  If you’re a couple, both of you must be bought in and committed to this.  And for God’s sake, think big!  Don’t sell yourself short, it’s time to get ahead!

2.  Think Monthly.  Meaning, determine your monthly outgo, then add some savings and a nice cushion to it.  A real fluffy cushion if you want…but without being unrealistic.  Take this number multiplied by twelve months, and you’ve got “your number!”

3.  Now, take your number, and start subtracting your income sources below it.  First, your guaranteed income (salary, pensions, etc..), then, your likely income (bonuses, commissions, side jobs). If you were ambitious enough in choosing your number, this should leave you with a balance yet to make up.

4.  Next, to fill this remaining income gap, have fun and get creative.  List new ways you can createadditional income.  Perhaps this is a second job, maybe join a network marketing company, or turning a hobby or a talent into new income.  There is always something you can do extra if you really want to.  The key is to make it something you enjoy or are interested in.  Think outside the box, and have confidence in yourself. You can accomplish more than you think!

5.  Write this plan out, put it up somewhere visible, and start working it immediately.  A plan without action is not a plan at all.  Refer back to this plan, and tweak it when necessary, but never lose site of it, never giving in. You will hit your number if you’re committed to it year round.


Let me spell out an example for you.  Pretend your “number” is $120,000 a year.  Monthly, that’s just $10,000 per month.  You know that you have a salary of $60,000 annually, and that you’re likely to get a 10% bonus of another $6000 that year, totaling $66,000.  Your spouse has a $36,000 salary and receives no bonus.  You now total $102,000 per year in guaranteed and likely income, leaving you with an $18,000 gap.  Sound like a lot of money?  It’s not, if you break it down monthly to just $1500 per month.


Now the fun part.  You love Yoga, dance or bootcamps, and could get certified quickly.  You teach 3 classes a week, splitting the class revenue 50/50 with the studio.  Assuming your average class is just ten people at $15 per head, that’s 50% of $150 per class that you keep.  Take that $75 per class times three classes per week, times four weeks per month, and you just added $900 per month to your income, leaving your gap at just $600 per month.  Where could your partner find that $600 per month?  A second job of just fifteen hours per week?  Network marketing? Serving or bar tending? It’s out there if you look!


The more you do this, the better you’ll get at it, and it works no matter what your number is!  You’ll start to become excited, and even addicted to your number!  It can be one of the most fun, and even healthiest exercises you’ll do as a couple. Imagine the stress you’d eliminate if each of you knew you were carrying your weight on your way to a financial surplus?  Incredible feeling! Single?  Then choose a friend to do this with for accountability.


The bottom line is this. If you read this and say it sounds like too much work, then that’s your problem.  Enjoy another year of financial hardship and mediocrity. If you say you’re not interested in money, fine, but I know you’re interested in more freedom and less stress.  You must call your shot!  You must do some planning, and you must put some work in, and if you do, you then have earned the right to expect all the benefits that come along with it!


As I write this on my porch, a gentleman in his black Lamborghini just drove by.  I assure you he chooses his number, and you can too!  I hope this exercise brings even a couple of you more happiness and freedom this upcoming year!


Happy planning,


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