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Episode 153: Hacks for a Better Body, Sharper Brain, and More Willpower with Dave Asprey – Founder of Bulletproof Coffee

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Episode 115: Get Out From Under The GRIP of Your NEGATIVE STORIES

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Episode 163: How to be a Successful Couple with Chris Harder

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Episode 270: Take Your POWER Back NOW!

With a lot of speaking engagements going on for me right now and in the near future, I’ve had to really stop and observe my anxious tendencies and the thoughts …

Episode 269: Making Big Changes in Unconventional Ways with Henry Ammar

When you have conversations like the one I had with the founder and CEO of MakeItHappen.Life, Henry Ammar, you can’t help but leave a better human. Pure goodness exudes from …

Episode 268: Uncover the Beliefs Your Current Tribe Is Reinforcing

Just a head’s up that today’s topic may be a touch overwhelming for some, but I don’t want anyone to get too worried, because when it comes to shifting and …

Episode 267:Ways to Attract Wealth Rather than Chase It with Patrice C. Washington

Money doesn’t guarantee fulfillment and today’s guest, Patrice Washington, is hoping more women catch on. As an award-winning author, transformational speaker, hope-restoring coach, and media personality, she started her first …

Episode 266: Why I Believe You Don’t Have All You Need Inside You

“You have everything you need inside of you.” You may have read or heard this quote from me before, but if I’m being honest, the first time I heard this …

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